how bout a big, far, sloppy NO.

In FML, fuck you, i don't like breeders, kids on October 25, 2009 at 2:25 am

“no one will ever know love until they have a child” Or some shit like that. Really? Like, really really? Do you know me Mommy Breeder? I’m assuming you don’t, (which you don’t) since not only am I married (so therefore I must be loved to a certian degree) have a mother who sends me text messages on every Thursday night to say hello (which I’m sure Hitler didn’t do at any labor camp, he didn’t send them love notes) or have a dog wake you up at one am to be petted (that’s not love, that’s seperation anxiety)

But no. Since I’ve never had to deal with three am feedings ( my dog has a strict 3x daily diet) been shat on, and my vagina has not been sacrificed to some unforgiving god who demands a vaginal sacrifice, I have no idea what it’s like to be loved unconditionally.

I like kids. Hell, I work in a fucking toy store. But I don’t like being belittled for not having kids. I don’t want them. Neither does my husband. I like sex, money and a vagina that doesn’t yawn. I like my trendy babyless car and my disorganized babyless life.

You are a total stranger and you have no right to convince me that I want kids when I have never wanted them for all the reasons I have just stated. You are More than welcome to continue to bear children and raise your family as you see fit. I’m not going to convice you to give one up for adoption so your kid will have the same experince as I did growing up.

Why? Because that’s what respect is.
Have a nice day.

  1. Don’t hate me because I bred. I’m done and I would never suggest that someone can’t love because they haven’t had a baby. Shoot – I envy people who see the wisdom in not feeling like they have to have kids. I love mine, but they don’t create a fulfilled life. It’s what I do besides being a mom that brings me pleasure right now. When they are adults, I think I’ll appreciate them more and hopefully, vice versa.

  2. I consider myself pro choice simply due to the fact that I cannot stand the company of children.

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