fuck tumblr.

In facebook, fuck you, myspace, social networking, tumblr, twitter on October 23, 2009 at 11:27 pm

I understand that part of what tumblr is is the fact that they have a more streamlined look to it i.e no comments or blog roll and shit like that. What I don’t understand is they offer the option to plug in some HTML for a commenting option, but you have to register with that hosts site. So, either 1) I’m too stupid to figure it out (which could be quite true) 2) they make configuring it so fucking complicated you have to be Jesus of HTML to figure it out, or 3) you simply have to register with them. Now they do have a facebook, twitter, myspace option, but that doesn’t cater to readers who wish to remain anonymous. Those commenters who like to leave nasty, rude and sometimes witty remarks on your page like a shitsmear on white undies. No, for them they can’t comment because they would negate the purpose of being ANONYMOUS. Fuck you tumblr.


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