This is important.

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Please watch this. I’m trying to figure out how this man lives with himself.

Small favors

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As I’ve recently posted my cousins who are currently overseas severing (well, her hubby is) are going through a rough (for lack of a better word)  adoption process. Now, I understand that my readership isn’t what it was a few years ago, but if ya’ll could do a couple things for me, that would be pretty fucking awesome. You can do one or the other, it doesn’t matter which.

1. Link their blog. They have a considerably amount of exposure as it is, the more the better.


2. Donate

I’m so broke I can’t afford toilet paper. I’m not kidding, I’m gonna try and swing 20 bucks this weekend.

3. Happy thoughts. Positive manifestation people. Send ’em so many happy thoughts they fly.

Thank you in advance guys.


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Douche Nozzle:

A douche nozzle for expanding the vaginal canal and contacting the walls of the canal with either a slightly acidic or basic solution before sperm injection and during ovulation for the purpose of increasing the likelihood of selectively conceiving either a female or male baby. A process for selectively conceiving a male or female baby by injecting the appropriate solution into the vaginal canal using the douche nozzle of this invention.

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Yes you.